Professionelle gute Qualität Fish Hunter Video Arcade Münzautomat 55 Zoll 8 Spieler Beliebte Wetten Casino Glücksspiel Angeln Spielautomat Lucky Lobster

Professionelle gute Qualität Fish Hunter Video Arcade Münzautomat 55 Zoll 8 Spieler Beliebte Wetten Casino Glücksspiel Angeln Spielautomat Lucky Lobster

Übersicht Produktbeschreibung Lucky Lobster Unsere Fischspiele/-ma


Modell Nr.Glücklicher Hummer
Netzstecker12V 4 Pins
TV-AusgangVGA / DVI / HDMI
Vorlaufzeit3 Tage
Monitor4K LCD LG/Samsung
Verknüpftes Jackpot-SystemJa
SteckertypUns einstecken/anpassen
SpracheEnglische Version/Anpassen
SoftwareoptionenOriginal-Igs oder Kopie
Garantie2 Jahre/lebenslange Wartung
Spielhaltung5 % ~ 50 %
ArtikelGlücklicher Hummer
TransportpaketKartons / Holzkiste
Produktionskapazität50000 Stück/Jahr
ProduktbeschreibungGlücklicher Hummer
O 8-Sitzer-Multiplayer-Set
O Geldscheinprüfer und Ticketdrucker
O Bewährte Mathe-Griffe
O Anti-Cheating-Programm
O Garantierte Arbeitsqualität
O Plug-and-Play für eine einfache Installation
O Jederzeit Support und Reparatur
O 2 Jahre Garantie / lebenslange Wartung

Unsere von unserem Team bei Crazy Software geprüften und entworfenen Fischspiele/-maschinen sind von höchster Qualität und universell für das Casinospiel Ihrer Wahl geeignet. Unsere Schränke enthalten alles, was Sie für den Einstieg benötigen (außer einem Spielbrett). Wenn Sie eine komplette Maschine mit einem Spielbrett Ihrer Wahl wünschen, teilen Sie uns dies mit oder füllen Sie unsere Formulare „Komplette maßgeschneiderte Fischmaschine“ für ein Angebot aus. Preise bitte telefonisch erfragen! Online erhältlich. Unsere Vorteile

Crazy Software bietet Spieleentwicklungsdienste an. Geben Sie uns einfach Ihre Vorstellungen und wir können Ihre Anforderungen berücksichtigen. Mit den Entwicklungsoptionen sind Mindestbestellmengen verbunden. Kontaktieren Sie uns für Preise und den Zeitplan für die Entwicklung eines Casinospiels.


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FAQCan I develop my own game board through Crazy Software? Yes, you can! Crazy Software offers game development services. Simply give us your ideas and we can accommodate your requirements. There are minimum order quantities associated with development options. Contact us for pricing and timeline associated with the development of any casino game. Why should I buy from crazy software? Every game that leaves our facility is programmed and final testing and inspection done by crazy software. I take great pride in the products we sell and do not believe in cutting corners to save costs. Every effort is made by our employee's to build a top quality game for you. Each and every game is turned on for 24 hours prior to shipping to eliminate any faulty products leaving our facility. I am looking to open my own arcade/gaming venue but I am not sure what machines will be best for my centre?Let us help. We have had 20+ years experience in the arcade and amusement industry. We have worked with leading manufacturers and developers, and have real industry experience. Our team has set up many successful arcades and gaming centres over the years and continue to provide consultancy services today. If you tell us your vision, target market, time frame and budget, we can suggest the best mix of machines for your venue. How will you ship my game & machine and how long will it take to reach me?Game boards, parts and supplies are shipped via DHL, FedEx We deliver to your closest port or terminal and your machines can be shipped via; - Air Cargo: approximately 3-5 days - Sea Freight: in a 20ft or 40ft container (approximately 30 days depending on transit times) For freight costings and further details on shipping please contact us. What about maintenance?Maintenance is very minimal. Periodically vacuum or blow out the power supply. It has a cooling fan in it and draws in dust from the air and will need to be cleaned on occasion. Bill acceptors also may need to be cleaned if they start refusing money or get finicky. Simple instructions can be found here. We recommend that you turn off your machine when not in use to extend the life of its components. What about tech support?We provide toll free tech support for the life of the product to the original purchaser. Game settings can easily be changed over the phone by anyone who calls us.What if my game stops working? Do I have to ship it back?No. We have never had to ship a game back to us that we couldn't diagnose over the phone. All we need is someone who is willing to work with us to get the problem resolved. Our games are built to make it easy for the end user to change any component in their game.

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